Civilian Killing in Indian occupied Kashmir

“`We are being killed only for being Muslims
Every Day is a black day in Kashmi.Er. Rasheed
“`Srinagar 21 October: Condemning Kulgam killings, AIP President Er. Rasheed has appealed world

community to help in stopping genocide of Kashmiris. In a statement issued today Er. Rasheed said “Every day is a black day for Kashmiris and New Delhi seems to have decided to silence Kashmiris on all costs. Those who have been misleading world community and defaming Kashmiris by calling few unfortunate killings of Kashmiris Pandits as ethnic cleansing should come forward and explain why Kashmir is being turned into an experimental lab just to avoid a resolution of Kashmir dispute”. Er. Rasheed accused that security agencies never want death and destruction to end as it serves their vested interest. He said “The world community must realize that whatever version of bloodbath stories New Delhi has been putting in the domain of the outside world is absolutely false and it is evident that while J&K dispute is of a pure political nature, New Delhi is adamant to give it a communal color. It is utter unfortunate but bitter truth that Kashmiris are being killed only for being Muslims. Had it not been so at least the civil society of India and various political parties at the national level would have often raised their voice against these cold blooded murders.” He added that it is imperative for the political leadership of Kashmiris to take care of its duties and stop genocide of its people, as the leadership of all streams and thoughts has miserably failed and ego has over taken sincerity and commitment.“`

Cancer an increasing threat, Need of awareness and serious concern.

Cancer is not contagious, at least not in the same way that other diseases are contagious. Kissing, touching, and sharing utensils will not spread cancer. it is caused by mutation in DNA,these mutilation can develop over time or be inherited. Sometimes, they seem to occur for no reason at all other times they are caused by things like exposure and UV damage.

My Mother is also suffering from Ca-Colon and is under treatment in SKIMS,according to my research on ground people with other patient’s form a discussion, What is the Cause?why is it going common? Different answers in a reply like ,use of steel less steel,Aluminium, chemical’s (pesticides) polluted water ,and from family(Gene).After that ,question begins where from most patients are? Where ever from they are is not a matter but awareness, care and concern is necessary.
In fact, cancer cells cannot live in the body of another healthy persona, because they are destroyed by the healthy individual’s immune system. However, there are some things that play a role in the development of cancer that lead many people to mistakenly believe that it is contagious . if there are factors which may give chance of a person in developing Cancer must be highlighted. Avoidable factors like Tabacoo the most preventive cause of cancer ,Smoking are more likely to develop cancer of the lungs ,voice box,mouth,oesophagus, kidney, throat, stomach etc which according to research are common in my Kashmir.
Environmental exposure, Alcohol consumptions, diet,exercise and weight control, if healthy Immune system can reduce the risk of cancer, why Government is not setting up of NGO to provide awareness programs through different means. Also some simple habitats we can employ in our daily life,the combination of these habits will allow us to live smart and make the right choice to help us to avoid cancer in the first place. These habits do not provide a guarantee that by employing them we can always prevent cancer but they certainly stack the odd in our favour of not getting the disease, like Avoid tobacco ,be sun safe,Eat healthy,control body weight and exercise regularly etc.
Two people leading seemingly similar lifestyles could have very different responses relating to cancer. Research however shows that the possibility of a person developing cancer is a result of the interaction between the person’s genetic makeup and exposure to certain external agents or carcinogens. Many cancers are difficult to detect in the earliest stages, but some may cause noticeable differences. Knowing the most common cancer symptoms is vital to obtaining a prompt diagnosis, still the exact signs and symptoms of cancer can vary .As a rule of thumb you should always see your doctor if you suspect something is not right.
Like all things in life, each person handles difficult news in their own way. Receiving news that you have cancer and that you need treatment is not easy. While some might experience shock and disbelief, others might feel fear and anxiety. While you are told by your doctor that all these feeling are normal, it takes each person time to adjust to the situation. While some people find it easy to ask for help during difficult times, other might find it very hard. If you are used to leading an independent life and have not been dependent on others in the past, this could be a difficult stage for you. Do remember that going through cancer treatment could be one of the toughest challenges your body and mind might face. You need all the help you can get. Do not hesitate to reach out to people you trust and know who will help you. Initially your friends and family may not understand the extent to which you might want them involved with your treatment process. So be open and have a heartfelt conversation regarding your expectations and needs. There is no harm in asking!
Giving care and support during this difficult time is not an easy task either. While the natural response of most carers might be to put the patient’s physical and emotional needs ahead of their’s, this becomes difficult to sustain especially if cancer treatment extends for a long duration. It might end up that the carer provides support at the cost of his/her own health. Caring for the carer is therefore an essential part of managing treatment. Please remember… if you don’t take care of yourself, you won’t be able to care for anyone else.

Writers mother us also victim of cancer and is under treatment in SKIMS @jkcancer

We “The Pro’s of Frow”. Bhat Aejaz

*We “the Pro’s of Frow”*

We are Pro,Don’t tie our right toe.
Due to U ,we become “Pro’s of frow”.

Need of probe to libel,for future to see.
Here is arduous to protect our ” illusive tree”.

Some think Accession for whole as the Probate.
Unknown has congeal my Kashmir to “Procrastinate”.

North to south, ” center to out” single a ravin of Probationer.
Them ,judge to officer a mistrate prefer the victim through “procedure”.

Confusion of both ” Soldier and Rebel” is Equivalent.
Sacrifice the blood,without the eye on Propellant.

Rudiment of my venter ,pronto to hide.
I play on this side ,U play upon other side.

Me a victim of the land ,brim with prosector.
Oh God, Consign the Heaven with Unbiased representer.

By :- Bhat Aejaz


A militant, whom my lines Cannot hold whom my lips,

Cannot kiss whom my eyes, Cannot hide whom my memory, Cannot mark with a date of birth or even death.

No knowledge of her village laid waste, then displaced and no mention of her songs seeking to seize a state and no sigh of a red star where he had stashed his dreams. In this book of martyrs only that blood-drenched story in three bold words: ‘One MoM Comrade’ to say he died fighting for the people.